Studio Happ


House T

Project type House
Architect Studio Happ
Location Binh Thuan, Vietnam
Total area 141㎡
Completion August, 2017
Photographs Hiroyuki Oki






This project takes places in a small town near the East China Sea, in the province of Binh Thuan, Vietnam.
Located near the beach of a small traditional fishermen town. 
The house tries to respond to the site challenges, the client requirements and as a real-life experiment on how to use passive strategies in order to achieve a great standard of comfort is possible.

The site: a 9x15 meters plot is located 100 meters away from the coastline.
The breezing from the sea is fresh and humid.
But the high temperatures make any kind of shade space or any properly ventilated space, a high-quality space in terms of comfort. 
Another characteristic of the area is the lack of green zones and vegetations.

The client request: The client is a family full of energy and vitality, that love to live in contact with nature and enjoy an outdoor space. 
A public area where to gather with friends and family was also a must in the project.

The project tries, as much as possible, to generate comfort spaces without the use of mechanical devices. 
Only by working with the wind, shades and the position of green areas.

The concept of the project can be sketched as a gradient of private spaces starting from the road till the end of the plot. Being the most public spaces at the front and the most private at the back overlaying this with an alternation of green areas and built areas. Being so, we can find a garden at the front that cools down the front facade, after this garden, we find the most public areas in the house, the kitchen, and the living room. this spaces open to the front garden and to the courtyard garden.
After the courtyard garden, which is an enclosed space with vegetation that allows for cross ventilation and shading, we find the rooms and bathrooms of the house.
Every volume is sandwiched between gardens and green areas, maximizing ventilation and bringing greenery to the daily life experience of the space.